Amy react computer
Amy (Lizzie Leeds) at her office desk getting some disturbing and unsolicited instant messages.



IM message
Instant messages from Amy’s stalker, Kyril Kilik


Cut out newspaper article of Amy playing tennis in college.


Stacey Looks at Amy
Stacey (Shannon Cudd), Amy’s concerned co-worker.


Bag Lady Snarl
A scary encounter with a bag lady (Graciela Valderrama)



Amy at Work
Amy at work.




Mailbox 1 - Stairway
Coming home.



Amy (Lizzie Leeds) thinks she is safe in the shower


Amy and Stacey at computer 1
Amy and Stacey (Lizzie Leeds and Shannon Cudd) attempt to fend off some disturbing instant messages from Kyril Kilik.



Taking back the night.


Shower - Hand
Someone is here!


newspaper RED 1
Stalker’s letters to Amy in college